Amy Verhoeff is a Dutch artist born on 29-10-1993 who makes detailed pastel drawings. At a very young age her passion for drawing was clear for the world to see. She knew very early on that she would want to do this for the rest of her life.

As she grew older her subjects started to develop. She always had a great love for nature and after discovering the Art Nouveau this became her main source of inspiration. She makes use of the same subjects like graceful looking women combined with natural elements such as flowers, butterflies, feathers and other patterns you can find in the flora and fauna world. 

By using models with more modern appearance in combination with soft pastel tones she shows her own version and modern take on this style. 

The first 17 years of her life she was self-educated. After meeting Henry te Wildt, a skilled fine art master, her work has developed rapidly. He gave her insight into new materials and showed her how to use them.

Eager to develop herself further, she currently takes lessons at Fine-Art Academy te Wildt run by Henry’s daughter Suzân te Wildt.