Amy Verhoeff

Amy Verhoeff is a Dutch artist born on October 29th in 1993. When Amy was little, she always had a pencil in her hand. Although most two-year-olds draw stick figures, Amy drew people with faces that were very detailed already. From that moment on, the little girl knew she wanted to become an artist.


At the beginning of Amy’s career as an artist, she worked with graphite. However, she replaced the graphite with pastel after she met Henry te Wildt. Henry is a gifted artist in fine art who taught Amy the intricacies of pastel drawing. Afterwards, Amy also took lessons from Suzân te Wildt, Henry’s daughter. She took these lessons for three years at ‘Academy te Wildt’. Because of this, Amy also become skilled in oil painting. 


The inspiration of Amy’s artwork comes from ‘Art Nouveau’. A touch of nature, like flowers or butterflies, is combined with female figures. This theme, where human meets nature, is central in almost every piece of Amy’s artwork. Except for the charms of these elements, they also have symbolic meanings. Women stand for new life, flowers for transience and butterflies for changes. 


Amy works from her own studio which has recently been relocated to a characteristic farmhouse in the picturesque Brabant landscape. The farmhouse has been in her family for a number of decades, causing it to be a very special and inspiring location for her. Amy creates her own art but also makes pieces at request, like portraits. A few days a week Amy also teaches lessons and workshops in fine arts commissioned by ‘Academy te Wildt’. She teaches these lessons and workshops at diverse locations in the Netherlands. 


However, Art goes further than paper in the eyes of this young artist. Because of that, Amy started a project called Hooked on Drawing, together with her sister. Amy and her sister Laya Verhoeff combine their skills in one handmade piece, a pillow. One side of the pillow consists of Amy’s art printed on fabric. The other side of the pillow is created with yarn, made by Laya. The suitable name of this partnership stands for the “addiction” to drawing but it also symbolizes the bond between the two different types of art which are literally hooked on each other.