Commissioning a drawing 

Commissioning a pastel drawing is a collaboration between you and me.

First I will need a detailed description of want you would want me to draw for you and some reference photos.
Besides portraits I can add some personal details in the drawing.

Things that have a special meaning or just things that you think that are beautiful such as flowers.
Also you can tell me what your favourite colours are and, if you want to, I can include these in the drawing.
With this information I will make some composition sketches to give you an idea what the drawing is going to look like.

If the price fits and you approved the sketches, I will ask for a down payment off ca. 30%
After all that is settled I will start on the drawing and keep you frequently posted with some progress shots.

Making a drawing takes 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size and the details.
Framework will take another 2 weeks, the framework will be provided with a passe-partout and special anti-reflective museum glass.

In the list below you can find a guideline for the price per size. 

Drawing size in cm

Frame size in cm

Price indication

15 x 15

30 x 30


15 x 25

30 x 40


20 x 30

40 x 50


30 x 40

60 x 70


40 x 50

80 x 90



All prices include frame work and VAT
Shipping costs are not included.


If you are interested in a custom made piece of art please send me an email and I will contact you as soon as possible.